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Design and illustrations educational toy Letterspelmat

Letterspelmat Educatief Spel Ontwerp Design Actief Leren Meervoudige Intelligentie Aanvankelijk Lezen Illustratie Vormgeving

Publishing company Kakels wanted to redesign a Twister-like alphabet game mat. They asked us to make it more appealing and better fit to the school learning methods. We designed the mat and packaging and helped write the manual.
The game lets kids physically practice their early reading skills by using their hands and feet to make words. They can choose from words we illustrated around the letters on the mat, or they can make up their own words.

“We were looking for a product designer with an educational background. I’m very happy to have found Studio Formo. The design of the Letterspelmat has turned out exactly as I had pictured it, no.. actually much more beautiful and better thanks to their active co-thinking!”

– Debbie Spelt, CEO